Monday, January 19, 2015

Tutorial balloting frustrations >:(

Couldn't focus on reading my textbook, so here I am!

The results for tutorial balloting are out and I didn't even get a tutorial slot for one of my mods. Damn. Have to reballot again tomorrow. Thankfully the rest of my other mods are kinda fine, at least my timetable is not screwed up. 

But, bye bye to my three day work week. Four day work week here I come! :( At least it will be a biweekly thing, I either have to come back on the odd weeks or the even weeks. Hopefully I don't mix up the weeks if not I'll go to school for nothing hahaha. And I definitely have the tendency to mix up the weeks. 

Oh well, I shall see how it goes again tomorrow! Tata!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Year 1, Sem 2, Week 1 CHECKED.

Greetings! :)

I HAVE to start off with saying that it feels REALLY good to have a 3 day work week! Hopefully this continues in wk 3 when the tutorials starts. It's going to be really hectic from then onwards. Really thankful that tutorials for GEK1062 only start in week 5?! When the lecturer annouced this piece of news, the whole lt went "woaaaaah" together hahahah. It was quite funny cause the lecturer was kinda surprised by our response heh.

PH1102E is at Utown Aud 3 and wow it is really far in, all the way at CAPT area. I had to use the map to navigate myself hahah. It was really worth it though, cause the lecturer is really engaging :) Best part was the first lecture was only about 1hr long! AWESOME or what. Had an extra hour for lunch thanks to him :) Sadly though, I will watch the webcasts for the future lectures cause I have tutorials immediately after the philo lec, and I don't really enjoy squeezing in the buses (assuming I can even get on the bus on time first). The worst part about school for me is definitely the travelling, without any doubt.

As for the psych lectures, as usual they have been interesting! A lot of group projects though. Really hope I can get into the same tutorial as my friends, for at least I will have some familiar faces to form groups with haha. Well, I'm socially awkward if it's still not obvious by now haha.

Okay, won't have time to update this blog much now that Sem 2 has started. Haven't even completed my readings for week1 and the week is almost over. -cries- I really don't want to have a huge backlog to catch up with during recess week, it really sucks.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

My mods for Year 1 Sem 2 are officially set! :)

Well well well, my mods for Sem 2 have been decided! :) -Heaves a sigh of relief-

3 of my mods were allocated to me, PL3232 Bio Psych, PL3236 Abnorm Psych & PL2132! So that cost me a total of 3 points from my P account! So much difference as compared to the 500+ points I "paid" for PL2131 and PL1101E in Sem 1. Ahhh, life is so fantastic right now, everything has been going well since the start of 2015 :) Hopefully, it maintains like this till the end of the year!

I had to bid for PH1102E in Round 1A and it cost me 100 points from my P acc, well, I guess that's acceptable. The worst part is GEK1062, it cost me 700+ points from my G acc?!?! Thankfully I planned my timetable in such a way only this mod requires points from my G acc, and I threw in my pathetic 800+ points in to secure this mod. At least on a positive note, I still have 100+ points leftover. I can't even explain how relieved I felt when I refreshed my ivle and saw the GEK mod under my mods for Sem 2 :) :) I kept refreshing from 5pm cause I was too excited/nervous and it appeared at 6pm!! -Throws confetti in the air-

So glad that the bidding has gone so smoothly :) Next up, tutorial balloting in Week 3! If everything goes as planned, I will only have a 3 day work week which is plain awesome. ;)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

All about that Research Participation (RP)

Greetings! :)
Excuse the title,I keep hearing  All About That Bass everywhere and it's stuck in my head.

Just occurred to me that I haven't mentioned anything about RP. -Gasps-  How could I have left out such an important thing, especially as a psych student. Tsk tsk. I remembered how I had no idea what RP was about when I first heard about it, and I was flustered cause everyone else seemed to know what they were supposed to do. Anyway, here is my own opinion on RP. :) 

Here's the official link that gives a brief intro of what RP is about :

Basically, RP is necessary for those taking PL1101E and PL2131. You have to collect 12 points each per mod (6 hours) , and if you take 2 mods in the same sem, you have to collect 24 points. (23.5 points is also acceptable). As for those taking GEK1064, 6 RP points are needed (3 hours). The duration of the RP varies from one RP to another, and you have to find empty slots in your timetable to attend these RPs.

The RPs avail for signing up will be posted up on the RP Programme Page (Here's the link, but you can only log in with access. You will know when access has been granted to you when an email is sent to) . My advice is to check this page daily (Personally, being kiasu, I will check the page when I'm free. I can check the page up to 5 times per day hahaha). This is because slots are limited, and we all know fastest fingers win. It will be easier if you have a group of friends who are also required to participate in RP, so everyone can help update each other! :)

Do not fret though, if you didn't manage to get a slot. The list of RPs will constantly get updated! RPs can range from just doing a quick questionnaire (click, click, click) to activities involving simple movements. Some are quite fun whereas some can be..let's just put it at less engaging yea? 

Below are some screengrabs from my own RP page. 

An email will be sent a few days prior to the RP, so do take note of the time and not be late! Certain organizers for the RP are very strict about timing, and you might not be able to enter. This means that you will lose the points that would have been allocated to you if you had completed that particular RP. I'm not too sure about this, but I heard that if you are disallowed from entering the RP venue due to reasons such as being late, the status listed beside this particular RP will be "incomplete". The system will then not allow you to complete another RP as it will have recorded that you have already met the minimum number of points required.

If you realised that you will not be able to make it for the time slot you have signed up for earlier, you can cancel it without any implications. However, you must do so at least 24 hours before the day itself. 

So after all this rambling about RP, you might wonder so what are the consequences of not completing the min number of points required? I did my research previously, but I can't seem to find the details anymore. The gist is that, marks will be deducted from your final total marks (ie including assignments and papers). If I do not remember wrongly, 0.5 marks will be deducted for every lack of 1 point?  I'm not too sure about this, please do not quote me! Do email the coordinator in charge if you have any queries!

In conclusion, just complete the RP ASAP! So that you do not have to constantly worry about it. :)