Friday, March 27, 2015

Update - In bullet points

  • Bio psych tutorials are horrible...just plain horrible. Not sure if it is the content or the tutor but it's the tutorial that I dread the most this sem. It's super boring and I can barely stay awake. I feel like I do not learn anything much from the tutorial which I can already learn from the readings we were assigned to read before the tutorial.

  • Stats 2 - The lecturer said he can't return us our mid-term papers cause the distribution of the cohort is shifted to the left (ie. the results are not very good). So he said he will try his best to look through the paper again to see if he can help us :-) I thought everyone will cheer but the reaction from the class was quite neutral - Does it mean those around me actually did quite well for the test and were disappointed that the lecturer was trying to do something about it? Hmm food for thought.

  • Philo - I'm quite sure I will be the one helping to support the bell curve, sigh. I have no idea what is going on during tutorials and my summary results went up and then they dropped again. :-( Can't say I regret taking this mod though, cause it's really interesting. And I like the lecturer and the tutor.

  • GEK - Finally going to be the end of the tutorials = Last presentation! Will be graded by the other tutorial mates though..not sure how it will turn out.

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