Sunday, December 14, 2014

O'Week '14 (Arts Orientation Camp) :)

Just thought I could share my views on O'Week 2014! I shall just do a short summary of the camp since it took place in August, and my memory isn't that fantastic sadly :(

To start off, it was one of the longest camp  I had attended, 6D/5N . And boy was it tiring. We usually sleep beyond 1am but thankfully we usually wake up around 8+am the next day, so I guess it is not that bad.

I think we only ventured out of NUS for 2 events, for Beach Day and Social Night. Beach day was held at Palawan Beach and we spent the whole day there and the sun was WOW. If you are going to spend a whole day outdoors, DO DO DO bring sunblock and apply it consistently throughout the day. I was sunburnt and the tan lines are still present up till now, even Vaseline doesn't seem to help much. Or maybe it is because I am too lazy to apply it everyday hahaha.

Best part was, the next day was Social Night where we went to Zouk! It was my first time at a club and it was SO FUN. A bus was chartered to bring us to Zouk around 11pm I think? But the number of buses were really limited and it was a really uncomfortable ride in the bus cause I had to squeeze with this couple on the two-people seat argh. People were even sitting on the floor of the bus. Back to the Social Night, we drank alcohol mixes outside Zouk which the seniors bought and around midnight I think we head into Zouk to DAAAANCE. YAY. Highlight of the camp hahaha. Eventually I think we slept close to 6am that night(morning?) x.x

Anyway, the games involved a lot of interaction (even between the guys and the ladies) such as the girls sitting on the guys' shoulders and trying to pop a balloon between two people in many different ways. But if you are uncomfortable I guess you can sit out? Oh and the cheers are really sick, totally different compared to the other cheers we learnt in our pre-uni days. I was in the R house and the cheers are just..let's just say I never knew cheers can be that explicit.

I almost forgot about the food. The camp food was the WORST food I have ever ate throughout all my camps since primary school. Some packets of food can even be missing in certain portions like vegetables wth.

To conclude, I think the Orientation camp really helps in making new friends and I still am close to my Orientation friends till now :) Especially those that enter a different fac from their rest, should really enter the camp to make friends!

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