Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The hard decision after release of results.

Results for my first Sem were finally released yesterday. I signed up for the sms push service and set my alarm at 8.15am to wake up just to check my phone cause I heard that the sms should come in before 8am! And indeed, it came in at 7.40am.

My CAP isn't that good, just 3.5 and after much calculation using the CAP calculator (Just because I'm from Arts doesn't mean I can't do Math okay hahaha), I decided to s/u two of my B- and my CAP should be raised to 3.82 if I didn't remember wrongly. I really need to buck up because my goal is second upper honours and at this rate, I can only make it in the second lower class. :( The bell curve is seriously a major factor in determining the results man.

On a brighter note, I'm really happy I manged to meet the prerequisites for psych and I'm gonna declare psych as my major! YAY. Hopefully I manage to get the mods I declared during MDE, can save some of my precious bidding points. My Precccioooussssss. :)

As for those for didn't manage to hit the prerequisite, it is fine! Can always take the placement test coming Jun. Personally though, I feel that the placement test(s) is quite a challenge (not that I have taken it before, but it's just my personal views).

 For PL1101E, the placement test requires students to study ALL the chapters tested from midterms to finals HOLY COW. We are only tested half the amount of chapters respectively for midterms and finals respectively and it feels like there is an infinite amount of resources to memorise already. I really respect my fellow course mates that are able to memorise that huge amount of information. Those people are simply walking external hard-drives. 

As for PL2131, for midterms and finals, we were allowed a cheat sheet and open book test respectively. However for the placement test, it will be closed-book! The qualitative stuff can actually be referred to from our notes, so for those taking the placement test, have no choice but to memorise everything. Once again, more memory needed. :(

But I believe, that with hard work and perseverance, anything is possible! :) So jiayou to those taking the placement test and to everyone too for the upcoming sem2! 

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