Friday, December 26, 2014

Declaring major :(

Guess which blur person didn't know she had to declare her major till the stipulated time frame was over :( Promised myself to buck up and not be so blur and look what happened the next day. Argh.

I thought the time frame was for s/u declaration only and I did not know we had to declare our major. I wonder if there are any lost souls out there like me hahaha. This problem arises because those who plan to major in Psych can only declare after knowing if we meet the pre-requisites (i.e. B- in both PL1101E and PL2131). That means we have to wait till the results are released, and I did not know we have to declare 3 days within knowing our results :(

Sigh. Oh well, anyway the bidding points for the psych mods are like 1 point? Most likely it is because most psych mods were already pre-allocated to those who already declared their major (aka not me). Never mind, shall just declare it in Sem 2 then!

I have already sent an email to the student enquiry services and hopefully they will reply with some good news for me! -Crosses fingers-

P.s We had to declare through this GAPS thing and I didn't even know it existed till 1 hour past the deadline. Good job to me. Random, but just binged-ate lots of fries :(

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