Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Prepared for Year 1Sem 2? Hopefully! (+ checking cors results beforehand)

Hello! Currently updating my blog while I'm in BKK hahaha. Boy have I been enjoying the holidays, especially after knowing my results and finally being able to breathe easier. :)

 So for those who don't know yet, you can actually check the modules preallocated to you even before Round 0 of cors bidding! Just go to nus ivle, and check your modules for that particular sem (do remember to refresh if nothing is displayed). Of course if there is still no mods displayed there, either the mods have not been assigned yet (chillax yo, don't panic for nothing! Don't be so kanchiong and check waaay before the release time. Maybe one hour beforehand will be a good est!) Or you just simply didn't get the mods (sorry for your loss HAHA). Even if you didn't get the mods you want (touch wood), you can always bid again in the next few rounds!

Most people usually get their mods especially if it's your own fac mod (aka Arts), if you get outbidded during the rounds where points from P acc are used, the mods usually cost less using the G acc. So if you really must get that mod this sem, don't worry cause the G points will (usually) save the day! :)

 Anyway, after participating in my first module preference exercise (mpe), I'm allocated bio psych, abnormal psych & PL2132! Yay! :) All the mods I requested for! Hopefully the workload won't be too heavy. But then again, it's psych we're talking about. Meh hahah. I just hope it won't be too dry, especially bio psych. I have never took bio before, except for the combined science I believe most of us went through in lower sec. I would say it is a slight disadvantage for those taking PL1110E and I will be back with my mod reviews for sem 2 to tell you guys again if having no bio background is a problem for bio psych too okay. Hahah.

 Honestly though, so what if people like us without a bio background is put at a slight disadvantage? I'm sure if we put in enough effort, we can definitely match up to those with prior bio background! It might seem difficult at first, but trust me with a strong passion in psych (assuming you're going to major in psych or actually even if you're just taking it is an elective) and the right attitude in mind, you're good to go! :)

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