Sunday, December 14, 2014

Introduction :)

Hello there!
My first semester of my uni life at NUS Arts has just ended, and I thought it would be good to just write down my thoughts (and share some module reviews which helped me a lot!) on how I am adapting to uni life.

I came from a JC and the 'mugging culture' I was forced to adapt to has helped me in some way in uni now, I guess?  Even though I jumped from Science stream in JC to Arts now, I personally do not feel a culture shock that I initially anticipated, so all is well. :) Many friends around me said that JC was much better, but I still prefer uni life as I think it takes a more self-initiated approach and it is more realistic to the worklife in a sense. Of course, the poly kids might be more attuned to this kind of education by now? I guess it differs for every individual, hahaha.

As an FASS student, the timetable is really awesome! Most of us usually have a 4-day work week or less and the feeling of not having to go to school and squeeze in the shuttle bus is really really great. One of the cons of being in Arts is that the fac is located farther away from KR mrt, and unless you are willing to walk in for at least 20minutes? (I have never tried it before), most people usually take the free shuttle bus which is horribly packed especially during peak hours. THE HORROR.

I'm just glad the first sem is over! :) Awaiting my results on 23rd Dec, hopefully everything will be alright! Shall update my mod reviews for the first sem when I receive my results. :)

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