Thursday, January 8, 2015

My mods for Year 1 Sem 2 are officially set! :)

Well well well, my mods for Sem 2 have been decided! :) -Heaves a sigh of relief-

3 of my mods were allocated to me, PL3232 Bio Psych, PL3236 Abnorm Psych & PL2132! So that cost me a total of 3 points from my P account! So much difference as compared to the 500+ points I "paid" for PL2131 and PL1101E in Sem 1. Ahhh, life is so fantastic right now, everything has been going well since the start of 2015 :) Hopefully, it maintains like this till the end of the year!

I had to bid for PH1102E in Round 1A and it cost me 100 points from my P acc, well, I guess that's acceptable. The worst part is GEK1062, it cost me 700+ points from my G acc?!?! Thankfully I planned my timetable in such a way only this mod requires points from my G acc, and I threw in my pathetic 800+ points in to secure this mod. At least on a positive note, I still have 100+ points leftover. I can't even explain how relieved I felt when I refreshed my ivle and saw the GEK mod under my mods for Sem 2 :) :) I kept refreshing from 5pm cause I was too excited/nervous and it appeared at 6pm!! -Throws confetti in the air-

So glad that the bidding has gone so smoothly :) Next up, tutorial balloting in Week 3! If everything goes as planned, I will only have a 3 day work week which is plain awesome. ;)

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