Monday, January 19, 2015

Tutorial balloting frustrations >:(

Couldn't focus on reading my textbook, so here I am!

The results for tutorial balloting are out and I didn't even get a tutorial slot for one of my mods. Damn. Have to reballot again tomorrow. Thankfully the rest of my other mods are kinda fine, at least my timetable is not screwed up. 

But, bye bye to my three day work week. Four day work week here I come! :( At least it will be a biweekly thing, I either have to come back on the odd weeks or the even weeks. Hopefully I don't mix up the weeks if not I'll go to school for nothing hahaha. And I definitely have the tendency to mix up the weeks. 

Oh well, I shall see how it goes again tomorrow! Tata!

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