Saturday, January 17, 2015

Year 1, Sem 2, Week 1 CHECKED.

Greetings! :)

I HAVE to start off with saying that it feels REALLY good to have a 3 day work week! Hopefully this continues in wk 3 when the tutorials starts. It's going to be really hectic from then onwards. Really thankful that tutorials for GEK1062 only start in week 5?! When the lecturer annouced this piece of news, the whole lt went "woaaaaah" together hahahah. It was quite funny cause the lecturer was kinda surprised by our response heh.

PH1102E is at Utown Aud 3 and wow it is really far in, all the way at CAPT area. I had to use the map to navigate myself hahah. It was really worth it though, cause the lecturer is really engaging :) Best part was the first lecture was only about 1hr long! AWESOME or what. Had an extra hour for lunch thanks to him :) Sadly though, I will watch the webcasts for the future lectures cause I have tutorials immediately after the philo lec, and I don't really enjoy squeezing in the buses (assuming I can even get on the bus on time first). The worst part about school for me is definitely the travelling, without any doubt.

As for the psych lectures, as usual they have been interesting! A lot of group projects though. Really hope I can get into the same tutorial as my friends, for at least I will have some familiar faces to form groups with haha. Well, I'm socially awkward if it's still not obvious by now haha.

Okay, won't have time to update this blog much now that Sem 2 has started. Haven't even completed my readings for week1 and the week is almost over. -cries- I really don't want to have a huge backlog to catch up with during recess week, it really sucks.

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