Friday, February 13, 2015

Question of the day (or maybe the Semester)

Bio psych exams coming up in a few days! Essays, essays and more essays. Just realise this is the first psych exam I have that actually requires us to write essays instead of mcqs/short ans questions.
-Crosses fingers-

A lot of people are shocked after I tell them that I'm taking bio psych & abnorm psych in the same sem. Hmm, did I really make the wrong choice to take these 2 mods together? Hopefully not! Even if I did, it's too late now. I will disprove this theory that it's impossible to clear these 2 mods together!

(Bringing in what we learnt in stats - on how we cannot prove a theory, but we can disprove it. HAHA)

Cheers to a great weekend of reunion dinners and mugging for bio psych! :)

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