Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Reading Week


Day 2 of Reading Week, Day 6 of Chinese New Year.
I'm super relaxed during reading week this time round because I only have one midterm to prepare for in the upcoming week. Cheers to that! 

Had my first bio psych (PL3232) midterm previous week, and I have to say I tried my best, and we shall see the results when they're out :) Though I really don't want to admit this, I really enjoy this prof's (Derbyshire) lecture :) He really means it when he warned us at the very beginning of the first lecture, about how we should drop this mod immediately if we are afraid of not knowing what we are getting ourselves into. 

Also, though many say how he involves too much philosophical content into this supposedly bio psych lecture, it really does make the content less dry (though I don't really get what he's trying to say at times hahaha).
Keeping my fingers crossed then my perspective of PL3232 will not change when I get my results back haha. 

Scored my first 10/10 for my PH1102 summary too! Let's keep it that way ;) 

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