Monday, February 2, 2015

14th Feb; Valentine's Day

One month has passed since the start of sem 2! Everything seems to be going well except for the fact that I just got back my results for my first philo summary & it's..not really well done. I shall not let it affect me & I'll push on for the rest of the summaries!!

Anyway wrt the post title, once again, I'm going to spend it alone again haha. Not that I'm not fine with not being attached, just that occasionally I get a little drunk on jealousy (heh) when I see couples having so much fun together. I guess I will meet my other half someday.. (Or will I? Hmm) 

Secretly (or maybe not now that I've said it here), I'm quite thankful V-day falls on a sat this year, at least I don't have to feel a little lonely seeing all the couples together, especially the ladies holding roses and chocolates while it's just me and my...laptop. It's okay my laptop, I got you! But then again I have school on Friday (dayuum), and there are so many different groups of students in fass selling flowers and stuff. Like urgh. The <adv> have been going on in the different whatsapp group chats. Sigh.

Oh well, came into uni with the intention of studying and doing well anyway, not to get into a relationship (sorry, being sour here HAHA). But of course, manifest and latent functions both apply. Heh. 

Happy (super) advanced valentine's day to all you people out there! Including the singles too. Who say singles can't have fun! :) And to those sweet couples out there..enjoy that special day where you get relatively more attention from your other half HAHAHA. Joking, stay loving to each other & get married when the time comes and then do the nation a favour and boost the Singapore population! ;)

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